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Elder Abuse

November 23, 2019

Can I get a restraining order for elder abuse?

If you are being abused by a caregiver, or if an older adult you know is being abused by a caregiver, you or the older adult you know may qualify for a restraining order. This could be a restraining order for domestic violence or a restraining order specifically for “elder abuse” or for “vulnerable adults,” depending on your state.

The following states and territories have legal orders that specifically protect older or vulnerable adults from abuse by someone who is supposed to be responsible for their care:

Florida (coming soon on WomensLaw.org!)
Puerto Rico
South Dakota
Tennessee (coming soon on WomensLaw.org!)
Virgin Islands (coming soon on WomensLaw.org!)

In states without a specific order protecting older or vulnerable adults, you may still be able to get legal protection from another kind of order. For instance, an older adult who is being abused by a family member may be able to get an order protecting victims of domestic violence. Check your state’s available restraining orders by selecting your state in our Know the Laws – By State section.