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What is a workplace restraining order?

If you are an employer and one of your employees is being abused by an intimate partner, stalked, or threatened, some states will allow you (the employer) to file for a restraining order against the abusive person.  The restraining order can protect you, the abused employee, your other employees, your customers, your property, and more.

WomensLaw.org has “plain language” legal information about workplace restraining orders in the following states: ArkansasArizona, Indiana, and Rhode Island.  In Colorado, employers are allowed to file for a domestic violence protection order to protect the business/place of employment.  For states that are not listed on WomensLaw.org, you can find the language of relevant laws in Legal Momentum’s Employment Laws for Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence. (Please note that WomensLaw.org is not affiliated with this website and cannot vouch for the information contained on it.)