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June 25, 2013

I am being abused. How do I go get help in the military system?

Anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse or domestic violence by someone who is serving in the military can seek assistance from a victim advocate at the Family Advocacy Program on the installation.  The victim advocate may be able to work with you to get a Military Protective Order and provide other services and also help you with any civilian resources that may be helpful too.* 

However, even if you are not married to the offender, have no child in common or never lived together, (and therefore, do not meet the military's definition of domestic abuse or violence), the victim advocate is still required to provide basic information about how the military system works and to help you access services offered in the civilian community.*  Every installation is required to have at least one victim advocate, and the larger ones will have several.  To read more about the FAP, go to The Family Advocacy Program and Confidentiality.  You can find read more about this program on the Army OneSource website.

* Department of Defense website, Family Advocacy Program