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June 25, 2013

What happens after the FAP receives a report of abuse?

After the FAP receives a report of abuse from you or from whoever you have reported it to, the FAP is required to act immediately. The FAP will assign a counselor to begin an investigation and to offer immediate services. The FAP counselor should talk to you and the abuser separately to get more information about what happened in order to develop recommendations for services or treatment that will help end the abuse.*

The information gathered during the investigation will be presented to the Case Review Committee (CRC) and they will make a determination if they believe that domestic abuse or violence has occurred. The CRC uses the language “substantiated” for when they do believe that abuse/violence has occurred and “unsubstantiated” if they do not believe that it has occurred. The CRC includes social workers, a victim advocate, counselors, chaplains, medical and legal personnel and a representative of command. On some installations, the immediate supervisor of the alleged abuser is also invited to attend the review.**

The CRC will consider if the abuser seems like a good candidate for battering intervention and treatment and possibly alcohol treatment or other specific individual services. They will recommend to command who makes the ultimate decision as to whether the abuser should undergo intervention and treatment or if a court martial and separation from the Service is instead going to be appropriate.*

* See Department of Defense website, Family Advocacy Program
** See Department of Defense website, Glossary and Domestic Abuse, Frequently Asked Questions