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June 25, 2013

For how long is an MPO valid?

MPOs are generally short term and can last as little as 10 days.* An MPO is generally issued for the period of time that it will take the FAP to investigate your claims and to provide the commander additional information. The victim advocate at your installation will know how long it generally takes for the FAP’s CRC to provide the commander with the results of their investigation so you may want to ask the commander to take that time frame into account when issuing the MPO.

Your MPO may or may not have an expiration date. However, whether it has an expiration date or not, the commanding officer may review the MPO at any time to change it or dissolve (end) it.*

Also, an MPO is only enforceable while the Service member is attached to the command that issued the order. When the Service member is transferred to a new command, the order will no longer be valid. If you still need the protection of an MPO, the commander who issued the MPO should contact the new commander to advise him or her of the MPO and recommend that a new one be issued.**

* "The Military Response to Victims of Domestic Violence, Tools for Civilian Advocates," published by the Battered Women's Justice Project, www.bwjp.org
** Department of Defense Instruction, Number 6400.06, Incorporating Change 1, September 20, 2011, section