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June 25, 2013

What will the process be like for getting an MPO? Will I have to be in the same room as the abuser?

Unlike civilian court, there is no trial or hearing. You will not have to appear in front of a judge. You will not have to testify in front of the abuser or even be in the same room as him/her.

The commander is the one who decides whether or not to issue an MPO. The commander may or may not meet with you before issuing the MPO. Often times, the victim advocate at the FAP may call the commander on your behalf to ask for the MPO. If the commander does want to meet with you before granting the MPO, you might go to his/her office or meet him/her at the FAP or the local precinct. If the commander has a reasonable belief that an MPO is necessary to protect you, one will be issued.