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Legal Information: Indiana

Restraining Orders

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May 24, 2016

Step 1: Go to court to get and file the petition.

Go to the county courthouse in the county:

  • where you live, or
  • where the abuser lives, or
  • where the abuse took place.

In most counties in Indiana, you can go to any court to ask for a protective order.  However, some counties may require that you go to a particular type of court or a particular division in a courthouse.  To find the courthouse nearest you, go to IN Courthouse Locations.

At the courthouse, tell the civil court clerk that you want to file a petition for an order for protection.  You can obtain a petition during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.  The clerk will give you the forms.  You will fill out a non-confidential petition, as well as a confidential form which is standardized across the state.  In addition, you can find links to the petitions online, any time day or night, by going to IN Court Forms.