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Restraining Orders

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May 24, 2016

Step 5: If there is a hearing for a final order for protection, what will I have to prove?

The abuser may request a hearing or the judge can order one on his/her own. If there is a hearing for the final order, as the petitioner requesting an order for protection, you may have to:

  1. Prove that the abuser (the respondent) has committed an act(s) of domestic or family violence (as defined by law) against you or your minor children; and
  2. Convince a judge that you need protection and the specific things you asked for in the petition.

See the Preparing your Case section under the Preparing for Court tab at the top of this page for ways you can show the judge that you were abused.  It is also generally best to be represented by an attorney who has expereince with domestic violence cases.  You can find legal referrals at our IN Finding a Lawyer page.