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Legal Information: Oklahoma

Restraining Orders

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April 25, 2018

Step 1: Go to district court and request a petition.

Go to the appropriate district court to file your petition. You can find a court near you by going to our OK Courthouse Locations page.

Note: If you are filing a petition for a protective order against a minor (ages 13-17), you will have to go to the Office of Juvenile Affairs District Court. You can find your county by clicking on the OK Office of Juvenile Affairs page.

Find the civil court clerk and request a petition for a protective order, and also tell the clerk if you need immediate protection and want an ex parte order.

Be sure to check the appropriate box for the type of order you are requesting, whether you only want a final order of protection or if you are also seeking an emergency ex parte protective order because you are in immediate and present danger.*

If the courts are closed, call the police and they can help you get an emergency temporary protective order that will last until the next business day when you can file with the court.*

You can also find links to petitions online by going to the OK Download Court Forms page.

* 22 O.S. § 60.3(C)