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Legal Information

Preparing for Court

The information on these pages will assist you in preparing for court, developing a strong case, and gathering evidence.

This page includes legal definitions that are not state-specific. Please note that the definitions of these terms may be different or more specific in your home state.

This page provides tips on preparing for your final protection order hearing. Although it is geared towards protection order cases, the general principles may be useful for pro se litigants in other types of cases as well, such as custody cases.

This page explains personal jurisdiction and why it is important, especially when the abuser is in a different state.

Below is information on ways the court system may use technology to try to protect victims of domestic violence from an abuser, including ordering GPS monitoring of offenders, allowing virtual visitation in custody cases, and using co-parenting tools. 

This page provides tips for when the legal system falis you.

This page has information on how to start a court case by filing a petition and serving the other parties.

You may have the right to appeal a court order if the judge made an error. This page helps to explain the appeal process.