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Filing Appeals

April 4, 2018

Do I need a lawyer to appeal my case?

It is possible to file an appeal on your own, but it is generally a complicated procedure with technical rules of law.  It is hard to do without a lawyer. If you do decide to file an appeal on your own, you may want to talk to a lawyer for advice as you plan your strategy. For legal help, you can go to our Finding a Lawyer page (although you may have to call many places to find one that does appeals) or check out the Appeals section of our National Organizations page. If you are a domestic violence victim, and your case is related to domestic violence, you may want to check with your State Coalition Against Domestic Violence to ask if they help with appeals or if they can refer you. You'll find contact information for your state's coalition on our Advocates and Shelters page after you enter your state in the drop-down menu.