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Legal Information: Rhode Island

Restraining Orders

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April 27, 2018

How can a workplace violence restraining order help me?

A workplace violence restraining order could order the defendant:

  • not to visit, assault, bother, or otherwise interfere with you, the employer, the employer's operations of his/her business, other employees, or "invitees" (guests, customers, etc.) present at the worksite;
  • not to stalk, harass, or call you, the employer, other employees, or "invitees" at the worksite;
  • not to abuse or injure the employer, the employer's property, you, other employees, or "invitees" at the worksite; and
  • to do or not do anything else that the judge believes is necessary and appropriate.*

* RI Gen. Laws § 28-52-2(b)