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March 12, 2010

What are the steps for getting a protection order?

The steps for getting a restraining order will vary from tribe to tribe. To find out more about the specific process for filing for a protection order on your reservation, please contact a domestic violence resource center or shelter in your community. You can also contact the court clerk at your local tribal court, if there is a court on your reservation.

To find contact info for the tribal court in your area, check out the Tribal Court Directory. This Directory provides links and contact information to many tribal courts and justices systems from across the nation.

Note: The Oklahoma Indian Legal Services has a section on their website with general information about how to file for Protection Orders in Oklahoma Indian Country. That information can be found at http://thorpe.ou.edu/OILS/protect.html.

Also, WomensLaw.org has step-by-step instructions for each state on how to file for protection orders. You might want to check the "Restraining Orders" page for the state in which your tribal nation is located to familiarize yourself with that state's process, in case you have to file for a protection order there as well. The process for filing for a protection order in your tribal court might be similar, so reading through this page might give you a sense of what to expect in tribal court as well.