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March 12, 2010

Do I need a lawyer? What does pro se mean?

Pro se means that you can go to court without a lawyer. You can represent yourself throughout the process of seeking a protection order. Many people have been successful in getting protection orders when they have gone pro se, yet in many situations it would be to your advantage to have an attorney to help you through this process. (This is especially true of your abuser has an attorney or child custody issues are involved.)

If you do not want to or cannot hire an attorney, there are many people who can help you go through this process. Some tribal courts allow non-attorneys who have gone through special training to practice in tribal court. Having another person give you support through this process can be a tremendous help and could make it more likely for a judge to grant your order. You will find someone who can help and who knows the system by contacting a local domestic violence organization in your area.