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Legal Information: Illinois

Housing Laws

April 27, 2018

Who is protected by these housing laws?

Illinois’ housing laws (known as the “Safe Homes Act”) protects adult or child victims of domestic violence by a family or household member and victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and stalking.*

For the purposes of these laws, domestic violence includes:

- physical abuse
- harassment
- intimidation of a dependent
- interference with personal liberty
- willful deprivation.**

For the purposes of these laws, sexual violence means any act of:

- sexual assault
- sexual abuse
- non-consensual sexual conduct
- non-consensual sexual penetration
- stalking
- aggravated stalking
- criminal sexual assault,
- aggravated criminal sexual assault
- predatory criminal sexual assault of a child
- criminal sexual abuse
- aggravated criminal sexual abuse.***

* 765 ILCS 750/5
** 765 ILCS 750/10; 750 ILCS 60/103(1)
*** 765 ILCS 750/10