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Legal Information: Illinois

Housing Laws

April 27, 2018

What notice do I have to give the landlord to break my lease?

If you (or someone in your household) are under a “credible imminent threat” of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse, or stalking at your unit, you must give your landlord three days’ written notice that you will leave your unit because of the credible imminent threat.*

If you (or a member of your household) have already been the victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or stalking on the premises within the last 60 days, you must do both of the following:

  1. give three days’ written notice to your landlord that you are leaving due to the sexual violence and that notice must include the date of the incident; and
  2. give your landlord proof that you have been the victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or stalking within the last 60 days. The proof has to be a medical report, court/police evidence of sexual violence, or a statement from an employee of a victim services or rape crisis organization where you sought services. Note: If you cannot reasonably give the notice within 60 days of the incident because of reasons related to the sexual violence, such as if you were hospitalized, then you must give the notice as soon thereafter as possible.**

* 765 ILCS 750/15(a)
** 765 ILCS 750/15(b)