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Legal Information: Virginia

Virginia Divorce

Laws current as of
April 12, 2018


WomensLaw.org currently does not have information about divorce in Virginia.  We hope that the following links to outside sources may be helpful, however.

Virginia Legal Aid Society has answers to some frequently asked questions about divorce and separation in Virginia.  Included in this link is information about the grounds for divorce, the residency requirements in order to seek a divorce in Virginia, and an explanation about the grounds for an annulment.

Central Virginia Legal Aid Society explains the factors considered by a judge when granting spousal support in Virginia.  (And WomensLaw.org has the actual language of the law regarding spousal support and the factors considered on our VA Statutes page.)

The Fairfax Circuit Court has a pro se divorce brochure, which walks you through the divorce process. 

WomensLaw.org has no relationship with the above organizations and cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information on their sites.  We provides these links solely for informational purposes.

This section includes general information about divorce, not specific to Virginia.