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Legal Information: Wyoming

State Gun Laws

February 8, 2021

I have an order of protection against the abuser. Can s/he have or buy gun?

Although Wyoming does not have specific gun restrictions that apply when an order of protection is in place, you can still ask the judge to include a provision in your order that forbids the abuser to have, own, or buy a gun. The judge is allowed to grant “other injunctive relief” that is necessary to protect you, which can include gun restrictions.1

There is a box on both the ex parte order of protection form and the final order of protection form which allows the judge to order that the abuser cannot have or buy a gun.2 If the judge includes gun restrictions in your order, then it may be unlawful for the abuser to have or buy a gun. In addition, federal law, which applies to all states, makes it illegal to have a firearm when a final order of protection is in place. Go to Federal Gun Laws to get more information.

1 WY ST § 35-25-105(a)(vi)
2 See DV Ex Parte Order of Protection form and DV Order of Protection Form