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November 17, 2020

35-21-109. Full faith and credit for valid foreign protection orders; affirmative defense; exclusion

(a) A valid injunction or order for protection against domestic violence is defined as one:

(i) That was issued by a court of another state, tribe or territory;

(ii) Where the issuing court had jurisdiction over the parties and the matter under the laws of the state, tribe or territory;

(iii) Where the respondent was given reasonable notice and the opportunity to be heard before the order of the foreign state, tribe or territory was issued, provided, in the case of ex parte orders, notice and opportunity to be heard was given as soon as possible after the order was issued, consistent with due process; and

(iv) Which has not expired.

(b) There shall be a presumption in favor of validity where an order appears valid on its face. The presumption may be rebutted by a showing that the respondent was not given reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard.

(c) A valid protection order shall be accorded full faith and credit by the courts of this state and enforced as if it were issued in this state.