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Restraining Orders

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May 24, 2016

What is a workplace violence restraining order (WVRO)? How do I get one?

A workplace violence restraining order (WVRO) is an order available to an employer if his/her employee is an abuse victim -- the employer can file for it even if no violence has occurred at the workplace.  If you are an employer, there are clear, easy-to-understand instructions on how to obtain a workplace violence restraining order at the IN Courts website.

An employer may seek protection under this law if the employee has experienced unlawful violence that occurred at the workplace or a credible threat of violence that could reasonably be carried out in the workplace.* 

A “credible threat of violence” is defined as a statement or course of conduct that does not serve a legitimate purpose and that causes a reasonable person to fear for her safety or for the safety of her immediate family.**  A "course of conduct" can include any of the following behaviors (but there must be repeated incidents, not just one):

  • Following or stalking the employee to or from the employee's place of work;
  • Entering the employee's place of work;
  • Following the employee during the employee's work hours;
  • Making telephone calls to an employee during the employee's work hours; and/or
  • Sending correspondence to an employee by postal mail, interoffice mail, fax, or electronic mail.***

Note: if you are the victim, you cannot file for this yourself; your employer would file for it.  If you want to file for your own order for protection, go to our Orders for Protection page to read more info. 

* IC § 34-26-6-6
** IC § 34-26-6-2
*** IC § 34-26-6-1