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April 12, 2018

48-27-1102 Authorization for the promulgation of legislative rules

The governor's committee on crime, delinquency and correction shall develop and promulgate rules for state, county and municipal law-enforcement officers, law-enforcement agencies and communications and emergency operations centers which dispatch law-enforcement officers with regard to domestic violence: Provided, That such rules and procedures must be consistent with the priority criteria prescribed by generally applicable department procedures. Prior to the publication of proposed rules, the governor's committee on crime, delinquency and correction shall convene a meeting or meetings of an advisory committee to assist in the development of the rules. The advisory committee shall be composed of persons invited by the committee to represent state, county and local law-enforcement agencies and officers, to represent magistrates and court officials, to represent victims of domestic violence, to represent shelters receiving funding pursuant to article 26-101, et seq. of this chapter, to represent communications and emergency operations centers that dispatch law-enforcement officers and to represent other persons or organizations who, in the discretion of the committee, have an interest in the rules. The rules and the revisions thereof as provided in this section shall be promulgated as legislative rules in accordance with chapter twenty-nine-a of this code. The committee shall meet at least annually to review the rules and to propose revisions as a result of changes in law or policy.