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April 12, 2018

48-27-801 Reports of domestic violence to state police

(a) Each law-enforcement agency shall maintain records on all incidents of domestic violence reported to it and shall monthly make and deliver to the West Virginia state police a report on a form prescribed by the state police, listing all such incidents of domestic violence. Such reports shall include:

(1) The age and sex of the victim and the perpetrator of domestic violence;

(2) The relationship between the parties;

(3) The type and extent of abuse;

(4) The number and type of weapons involved;

(5) Whether the law-enforcement agency responded to the complaint and if so, the time involved, the action taken and the time lapse between the agency's action and the victim's request for assistance;

(6) Whether any prior reports have been made, received or filed regarding domestic violence on any prior occasion and if so, the number of such prior reports; and

(7) The effective dates and terms of any protective order issued prior to or following the incident to protect the victim: Provided, That no information which will permit the identification of the parties involved in any incident of domestic violence shall be included in such report.

(b) The West Virginia state police shall tabulate and analyze any statistical data derived from the reports made by law-enforcement agencies pursuant to this section and publish a statistical compilation in its annual uniform crime report, as provided for in section twenty-four, article two, chapter fifteen of this code. The statistical compilation shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) The number of domestic violence complaints received;

(2) The number of complaints investigated;

(3) The number of complaints received from alleged victims of each sex;

(4) The average time lapse in responding to such complaints;

(5) The number of complaints received from alleged victims who have filed such complaints on prior occasions;

(6) The number of aggravated assaults and homicides resulting from such repeat incidents;

(7) The type of police action taken in disposition of the cases; and

(8) The number of alleged violations of protective orders.