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Restraining Orders

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March 26, 2018

What if I want to drop (dismiss) my permanent restraining order?

If you want to drop your restraining order, you need to go back to the court that issued your order and fill out dismissal papers. You may have to talk to the judge and tell him/her why you want to drop the restraining order. Different judges have different ways of handling these requests. Some judges will ask you lots of questions, but other judges will just sign the dismissal order without asking you anything.  In some counties, the judge will tell you to go to a class with other domestic violence victims before the judge agrees to drop the order.

In some cases, the judge will try to help you figure out whether there is a way to modify (change) your order so that it can still give you some protection from abuse, but so that you can have the contact you want with the abuser.

If you have dropped your restraining order (or let it run out) and you are abused again, you can always go back to court for a new restraining order if you meet the requirements.  Talking to a domestic violence advocate might help you decide which option is best for you. See our OR Advocates and Shelters page for referrals to local domestic violence organizations.