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Restraining Orders

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March 26, 2018

What should I do if the stalker violates the stalking protection order?

If you believe that the abuser has violated the stalking protection order, you can immediately call 911. Tell the police about the violation. It is a crime to violate a stalking order* or restraining order. It is also a crime to assault, harass, threaten, stalk or menace someone. If the abuser commits one of these crimes while you have a stalking order, he can be arrested for committing the crime in addition to being arrested for violating the court order. The police are required to arrest the stalker/abuser if they have reason to believe that the order was violated. If the stalker or abuser is on parole or probation, you may also call their parole or probation office to report the violation.

Having a stalking protection order can help keep you safe, but it is also important to take other safety precautions. You will find helpful information on The Stalking Resources Center website. You can also contact a domestic violence organization in your area for additional help with safety planning and support.

* O.R.S. § 163.750(2)(a)