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Legal Information: Wyoming

Restraining Orders

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November 17, 2020

Step 1: Go to the courthouse.

You can file for an order of protection at your circuit court clerk’s office.  If there is no circuit court clerk office in your area, you may go to the district court clerk’s office.1  Go to the WY Courthouse Locations page to find a court in your area.

It is sometimes helpful to bring the following information about the abuser with you, if you have it:

  • a photo of the abuser;
  • addresses of where s/he lives and works;
  • his/her phone number;
  • a description what his/her car looks like and the license plate number.

Bring some form of ID for yourself, if you have it, for when the petition gets notarized in court.

1 Wyoming Code § 35-21-103(a)