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Legal Information: Wyoming

Restraining Orders

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November 17, 2020

Step 4: Hearing for a temporary order

After you finish filling out your petition, the court clerk will bring it to a judge. The judge will look it over and may want to ask you some questions. If the judge believes that there is a danger of further abuse to you, the judge is supposed to give you a temporary order of protection.1 The temporary order is supposed to protect you until you can have a final hearing. The court is supposed to arrange for service of the temporary order regardless of whether the abuser lives in WY or out of state.2

Whether a judge grants you a temporary order or not, you will usually be given a court date for a final hearing within 72 hours of filing your petition. If a final hearing cannot be scheduled within 72 hours, it will be scheduled as soon as possible afterwards.3 The court will give you a piece of paperwork marked “Notice of Hearing.” The Notice of Hearing will have the time and date of your final hearing written on it.

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