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November 17, 2020

What is the legal definition of stalking in Wyoming?

Stalking is when, with the intention to harass you, the stalker commits acts (engages in a “course of conduct”) that is reasonably likely to harass you.1

“Harass,” in this context, means committing repeated actions that are directed at a specific person, such as verbal threats, written threats, lewd or obscene statements or images, vandalism, physical contact without your consent, or other actions. The stalker must know (or should know) that these actions would cause a “reasonable person” to suffer one of the following:

  • substantial emotional distress;
  • substantial fear for one’s own safety or for the safety of another person; or
  • substantial fear for the destruction of one’s property.2

​The “course of conduct” that the stalker must commit includes, but is not limited to, any combination of the following:

  • in a harassing manner, communicating with you (or causing someone else to communicate with you) verbally, electronically, mechanically, by telephone, or in writing - this includes anonymous communications;
  • following you;
  • placing you under surveillance by waiting outside your home (unless you live with the stalker), school, workplace, vehicle, other place where you are; or
  • committing other repeated acts that harass you.1

1 Wyoming Code § 6-2-506(b)
2 Wyoming Code § 6-2-506(a)(ii)