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Legal Information: Wyoming

Restraining Orders

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November 17, 2020

Who can file for an order of protection against stalking or sexual assault?

A petition for an order of protection based on stalking or sexual assault can be filed by:

  • the victim;
  • the district attorney on behalf of the victim, with the victim’s consent; or
  • any person with legal authority to act on behalf of the victim if the victim is:
    • a minor;
    • a vulnerable adult, as defined by law; or
    • any other adult who, because of age, disability, health or inaccessibility, cannot file the petition.1

Note: You can file for this order regardless of whether or not you reported the stalking or sexual assault to the police. The abuser does not have to be arrested, charged or convicted for you to file for (and receive) an order of protection.2

1 Wyoming Code § 7–3–507(a)
2 Wyoming Code § 7–3–507(e)